Drupal SEO and Internet Marketing

Ultimately, any website has to have visitors. A good looking website with desired functionality is only half the success. We aim to bring a good amount of traffic on the developed site- both new and recurring. This is achieved through SEO and Internet Marketing. As we keep our own business clock ticking with the help of Internet Marketing, we understand the importance as well as techniques of an effective online campaign. Our SEO and Web Promotion activities include:

Content Strategy and Development

Creative content is the key to higher search engine rankings and recurring traffic. The site content should be creative, relevant and interesting so as to appeal both to your prospective customers as well as search engines. A regularly updated site blog or news section would engage the visitors and search engine crawlers. We can help you strategise content development for your site and its proper implemention - Get Started Now

Keyword Research

Keyword research and analysis is the most important starting step for SEO. Our SEO experts can research and compile most relevant keywords for your website based on your business requirements. Once the list of keywords is identified, we can implement it on the site for search engines. The same set of keywords can be used to devise the PPC strategy and campaigns. Get Started Now

Search Engine Optimization

The basic aim of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to generate traffic and conversion on the website by getting the site ranked higher for specific keywords in the search engine results pages (SERPs). There are various factors in SEO like optimizing the site HTML to be valid xHTML/css, creative and relevant content and relevant link building. All the sites developed by us take care of basic optimization techniques. We can have our SEO experts review your website in detail to devise a SEO plan. Get Started Now.

Social Media Optimization

The social media sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter have become very popular medium for sharing information and collaborating as a community. We can promote your site’s information and services or products on these popular social media sites. This way, your site gets quality back links and your prospective customers get to know more about your services and products. Get Started Now

Pay Per Click Advertising

The Paid Search or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising enables you to show your listing as sponsored listings on the right-hand column of search results when certain keywords or phrases are searched for. You only pay when the user clicks on your listing. So, every click has a cost attached to it and it involves proper PPC management to convert your money into relevant traffic and better conversion.
We can provide PPC management services including keywords and ads management. Get Started Now

Conversions Consulting

A "conversion" is the achievement of a goal based on the desired action that you want your user to perform. Based on your business criteria, the goal can be filling up of contact or request for quote form, a complete purchase, a phone call, a page view, a file download, or any such action which marks an important step for your business.

Drupal India works closely with you to understand your business goals and analyzes your web pages to improve the SEO, usability, calls-to-action, and any other copy that will increase engagement, relevancy and persuasiveness. The objective is to enhance the website to achieve the desired goal(s). Get Started Now

Analytics and Reporting

Every marketing effort should have quantifiable results to measure the efficiency and efficacy of the marketing strategies. For measuring the online marketing efforts, we set up analytics software to record a huge amount of information about the site visitors and visits. We also use a number of third party tools to define the results of various search engine strategies used for your site. Get Started Now